"One of the most musically audacious new bands in the mainstream today. These guys put an extremely fresh and exciting spin on rock stylings, and manage to sound very natural and cutting-edge in the process” -Jamsphere

"The band has shown on both their releases so far, that you can go outside of the listener’s usual comfort zone and still make infectious music that doesn’t compromise artistic integrity” -Tunedloud

"Their melodies will infect your ears and keep you hooked from beginning to end” -BoomBoomChik

"Convey is killing it with an absolutely wicked song, killer video and momentum clearly on the rise…this is certainly a band to keep an eye/ear on” -Sleepingbag Studios

“The driving lead guitar riffs and vocals set the tone for this post-rock band’s strong future in the rock scene” -Entertwine

“Enough hard rockin’, pop-appeal to have a wide array of music enthusiasts grabbing their air instruments and jamming out to this tasty, tasty jam!” -Middle Tennessee Music

"They have hit the mark, as you are instantly hooked and captivated from the start to finish, with a song that the masses should 'love” -Carinas Music Reviews

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